Coating Range

Polyurethane 2k Primers, Topcoats, Floor & Wall Coatings, Water Proofing, Industrial Coatings, Marine Coatings, 2k Wood Sealers & Topcoats and 2k Auto Refinish Paints.
Epoxy 2k Primers, Top coats, Anti corrosive Paints, Floor & Wall Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Marine Coatings, Adhesives, Grouts, Mastics, Crack Filling, Stone / Concrete Filling Systems, Solvent Free Coatings and Hi-Build Coatings.
Auto Refinish Paints for Cars, Buses, Trucks, Trailers, Tankers, Railway Wagons & Coaches, Quick Drying Industrial Finishes for Productivity and Salt spray resistance.
Anti-Corrosive Primers & Hi-Speed Enamel Paints.
Heat Resistant Black / Aluminium / Other Colours to withstand 200c to 1000c. Thermal Insulation Coatings for Roofs, Industrial Application, Cold & Hot Storage areas etc., Car Care Coatings for Engine Blocks, Mufflers & Hoods.
Flourescent Paints, Gold, Silver & Bronze Paints.
Chlorinated Rubber Paint, Sealer and Primers.
Water base Primers & Top Coats, Automobile Underbody Compound, Industrial Coatings for Wood, Concrete & Metal and Aluminium Paints.
Solvent Base Automobile Underbody Compound.
2K Water Base anti corrosive Coatings, Underbody Coatings, Floor & Wall Coatings and Wood Coatings etc..
Anti fouling Marine paints / Marine Enamels / Complete Coatings system for Sea Vessels.
Polyurethane, Melamine, Synthetic & Dyes.
1k Zinc Rich Primer, 1k Inorganic Zinc Silicate primer and 1k Polyurethane Moisture Cure Primer.
N C Lacquers / Primers / Surfacers /Putty.
Latex SBR, Integrated, Impregnation type & Polygel based Water Proof Coating. Special Water Proofing Coating for Negative Pressure.
Lubricating/Heat Resistant Mould Release Agent.
Adhesives, Mastics, Putty, Grouts and Crack Filling system /Injection Systems etc..
Water Base Steel Reinforcement / Steel Reber Coatings / Coatings for Scaffold and Form works / Elastomeric Coatings / Thermal Insulation Coatings / Water Proofing / Protective Coatings and Decorative Coatings.

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